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  • What is Jewels & Lore?
    Jewels & Lore is an online retailer specializing in bespoke products for children and families. In addition to offering unique curated products Jewels & Lore provides inspiration for living sustainably (both environmentally, socially and emotional aware) while nurturing and balancing family, work, life, and fitness (physical and financial).
  • What is the turn around time on storybox orders?
    We customize every storybox for the unique orgin story of your family. This does mean that we don't pull a prepackaged product from a shelf and ship within 5 minutes of ordering. Our storyboxes are designed in such a way that we can easy customize them to meet each customer's needs. Because of this fulfillment from time of order placement is 1-2 business days followed by shipping/ transit time of 3-7 days dependent on your specific shipping destination. For pre-order styles please refer to the production schedule provided for the individual product and/ or your confirmation email.
  • What if my order arrives damaged?
    All of our orders are prepared and packaged with by hand with care by Kelly or Stacey along with the help of our energetic little people. We take care to wrap and protect your storybox from the rough and tumble nature of shipping as best as possible. We insure every shipment up to the cost of the products shipped. In the unlikely event that your order arrives damaged please photograph and submit to us as soon as possible so we can address, replace and restore your joy in capturing and sharing your unique story.


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