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DIY Headbands | Do It Myself Crafter

So last year in anticipation of my darling daughter I set out to make a bunch of super cute headbands.  I wanted something adorable, unique and not too frilly or to big.  I don’t even remember how many craft books and blogs I read trying to come up with the perfect idea for headbands for her.  After hunting for the perfect colored fabrics and staring at all sorts of adorableness on pinterest I came up with these.

Because of popular request below I have made an illustrated step by step guide for making these adorable headbands.  Besides Juliette rocking them and looking awesome I also use these as the finishing touch on my DVD packaging for photo clients.  Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions let me know!

WHAT YOU NEED: Pieces of felt ($0.25 ea at a craft store), fabric scraps (I like the quilt sample pieces at JoAnns, but any scraps will do), pair of women’s tights (I usually get these from the clearance area at target for $.50), cute buttons, thread, needle, and a pair of scissors.

STEP 1: Cut the legs of the tights into 1 inch sections.  After you cut the tights give each band a stretch to curl up the edges so you won’t see if you didn’t cut straight ;-). A single pair of tights is good for about 20 headbands.

STEP 2: Take a scrap of fabric and fold it lengthwise (like a hot dog).  The fold in half the other way 3 more times so that the fabric is layered (this is so you don’t have to cut each petal individually).

STEP 3: With the folded edge at the bottom cut a petal shape out of the folded fabric.

STEP 4: Unfold and lay out the petals.  Stack and criss cross four petals to make your flower.  Place a button on top and do two quick stitches and tie on the back side of the flow to secure the flower.

STEP 5: Continue to stitch the flower, but place the flower on the headband.  Loop back and forth through the button and headband about 4 times.  Finish by tying the thread on the inside of the headband and trimming the excess thread.

STEP 6: Cut about a 2 inch by 6 inch strip of the felt piece. Fold the felt like a fan until it’s 4 layers thick.

STEP 7: Cut out a petal shape from the folded felt.  Be sure to trim off any folded areas.  You should now have 4 petals.

STEP 8: Fold each petal in half at the base and hold them all together.  Near the base of the petal stitch a loop that goes though all 4 petals. Tie the loop tight, but not too tight.

STEP 9: Finish the flower by bringing the end petals together and stitching together.

STEP 10:  Place a button on top and stitch from the bottom of the flower through the button and back to the headband about 4 times.  Tie and secure on the inside of the headband.

And voila you now have two super cute headbands (or photo packaging finishing touches)!

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