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About Jewels & Lore

Kelly and Stacey were friends turned business partners after realizing their mutual love of intentional design, living joy filled lives and desire to transform powerful ideas into sustainable businesses. This is their origin story and joint venture. Jewels & Lore is a women founded, women owned, and women led Nevada based company providing family centric products, creative inspiration and homemade goodness.

Meet the founders


Hey there,

I'm Kelly.


I’m a multi passionate creative entrepreneur–an artist, a designer, a marketer, a writer, a coder, a techie, a DIY everything-er, a gardener, a wife, a mother, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I am an acclaimed photographer and branding expert with a passion for visual storytelling, a dedication to expert craftsmanship and an incomparable commitment to innovation with intention. I am married to the most amazing man who inspires and challenges me everyday to be the best version of myself. I love being a mom to my three amazing daughters (who happen to be the inspiration behind this brand's name), wearing jeans, eating Mexican chocolate and being from Nevada. I am crazy about all things green (the color, the environment, cash–seriously all things green). I am obsessed with organization and design and I am committed to helping small businesses make massive impact.

Why I do what I do


I deeply love helping people and creating moments that resonate–inspiring beauty, love, generosity and unimagined potential. I believe your life and your moments are worth remembering and your story (personal or professional) is one to be shared. I want to help you find the way and the words to treasure your story and savor every second with the people, places and moments that nourish your soul.

Well hello,

I'm Stacey.


All my life I have been a creative. My first passions were in writing and I have longed dream of authoring novels — something that has admittedly been on the back burner for far too long! I have a calling for serving others and in my current career I work in healthcare administration serving our amazing community. But I desire to do more! I am a huge advocate for life-long learning and have discovered that my passions run the gamut. I have found what brings me the most joy include: creating, quirky interior design, home organization, and all things personal finance. I believe that living in a functional space you love can bring both peace and joy! I believe that empowering yourself with financial knowledge and a good budget can bring you freedom and provide a foundation for happiness. 


Why I do what I do


In my personal life, I am a wife and a mother. I married an amazing man who supports me in all my crazy endeavors even though I am too frequently a late or non-finisher! (Can anyone relate?) Together, we have two energetic pint sized people. When my husband Jeremy and I began our family, the idea behind Jewels and Lore’s first product was born–a baby book designed to tell every type of family's unique and brilliant origin story. I can’t wait to share it with you! 


How we got here

February 2014

2015-2022 ish

August 2023

We started our creative collaboration.

Growing our own families tangled up quite a bit of our time while inspiring many brilliant things we are dying to share.

Jewels & Lore, LLC was officially formed and launched.

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